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The Deutsche Hypo Real Estate Economic Index is a seismographic instrument that identifies economic turning points in the real estate market at an early stage, provides important information for strategic economic action and enables future market developments to be evaluated.

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Current Market Report: August 2019

Sommerhoch beim Immobilienklima

Liebe Leserinnen, lieber Leser,

die Urlaubszeit beflügelt unser Deutsche Hypo-Klima in diesem Monat. Nach einem fünfmaligen Rückgang ist dies umso erstaunlicher. Anscheinend bewirken der Sommer und der vielleicht damit einhergehende Abstand vom Alltag einen Perspektivwechsel. Denn Tatsache ist, dass sich die Rahmenbedingungen für unsere Branche in den letzten Monaten nicht grundlegend geändert haben.

Goals & Methodology

Context and Conception

The Deutsche Hypo Real Estate Economy Index provides a macroeconomic analysis of the German real estate industry. And this on a monthly basis.

But this was not always the case. As one of the most important branches of the economy, the real estate sector has long lacked an economic sector analysis that enables a holistic view of all real estate segments. This information gap has been closing bulwiengesa since January 2008, and Deutsche Hypo has been publishing the Real Estate Economy Index since 2012 as an early indicator of economic turning points.

On this page you will find answers to questions about objectives and methodology.



That is how it was then

Since 2008, the Deutsche Hypo Real Estate Economy Index has been supporting market players in strategic decision-making. Introduced in the midst of the past financial crisis, the Deutsche Hypo Index has in the meantime developed into a benchmark indicator and has since then documented the German real estate cycles and their turning points.

If the current market report is not sufficient, a look back at the archive can satisfy the need for information.

The archive makes it possible to browse through all parts of the current reporting in the depth of information and in the time periods that are currently required. The results can be exported and used in many ways.